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Your Brain is Amazing - Is It On Your Side?

The human brain can be really weird sometimes! It can work with you for years and then all of a sudden, it turns on you…especially when you are down!

A psychiatrist once told me that the brain “likes” to think about things which distress it. Sound weird? I told you! So all of a sudden you feel your confidence take a knock. How? You start doubting yourself with the most insignificant matter; your “what-ifs” start increasing and so forth.

Now is the time to make sure your brain is on your side.

How do you do this?

Let’s consult some of the gurus in this regard, one being John Kehoe, author of “Mind Power”: Just to clarify, your brain is not your mind and your mind is not your brain. Please keep reading, although the next few sentences may be a bit new to some readers, we are going somewhere with this! Your deeply held beliefs, fears, hopes, worries, attitudes, desires and every thought you think, have an effect on you, others and your environment. Most people go through their waking hours with very little thought about how we think. To get our brain on our side, we have to think about thinking. So now is the time to begin creating thoughts about your consciousness so that you can create reality.

Now is not a good time for a long, detailed discussion about this; it is time to get our brain (mind) and thoughts on our side. It is quite easy actually.

It will be immensely useful to start with being happy!

The saying “Happiness is a choice” has been beaten to death and forced down our throats since time began – I am not saying it is wrong, it has just been over-used. I am sure that many folks can relate to having an absolutely awful day, only to be made even worse by some well-meaning soul saying, “Happiness is a choice, now get over it and move on!” Well, the fact is, before commencing on this journey of transformation, you have to fill up the toolbox with useful, practical tools. One of them is a positive state of mind and is best demonstrated by a smile, which denotes happiness.

The second factor to consider when teaming up with your brain is to organize your thoughts. It has been said that we think about 60,000 thoughts per day – and that’s on a good day! In their book, Welcome to Your Brain, Sandra Aamodt and Sam Wang state that neurons in several brain areas respond specifically to events that are “rewarding.” A reward makes you more likely to repeat the behaviour that led to the reward; examples are food, water, sex and a variety of more complicated things like positive social interactions. So, organize your thoughts in such a way that as you think them, you reward yourself with the satisfaction of having ticked that thought.

Thirdly, keep your emotions in check to ensure that your brain (mind) is in tune for the entire duration of your transformation. In short, be steady and controlled! It also helps to solicit the help of someone you can trust, so that they can celebrate with you. Quite surprisingly, if you reach out to someone in need of a bit of support, they can become quite valuable supporters.

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