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What is your point, really?

Effective communication starts with effective (good) listening skills. You know the situation all too well: a colleague with more time on their hands than you, pops in and shares some totally useless (for you!) information and then rambles on, tripping over their own words. This is really irritating!

Now that you have the feeling of irritation, try and think of an example when you rambled on and padded an important point because you were uncertain, in a hurry or just plain ill-prepared. The reality is we are all guilty of fluffing around a point or statement which we deem important enough to share or to report on. And we mess it up! Often!

What to do?

I have found it most useful to organise my thoughts beforehand (and even jotting down the important key words) so that at least my thoughts can feed my mouth - so to speak!

How to do this?

  1. Write down the key word. For example, you want to share something with your team leader or boss about a possible resignation of one of your employees. Key words: Leon+resign.

  2. Now write down a phrase answering each of the following questions (related to Leon's possible resignation): who, what, when?

  3. It could sound something like this: "Leon is considering resigning on 31 March, his last day is 30 April."

  4. And there you have it! It sounds so simple and yet, we mess this up almost on daily basis.

By becoming an effective communicator, you will be seen as an efficient and good team member and you will grow your career and potential in leaps and bounds.

I help people how to be better communicators and I can help you too!

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