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The Mechanics of Legitimate Transformation Simplified.

It is almost time to wrap up this first phase of your transformational journey. To craft a fitting conclusion to this phase and to set the scene for the next phase of your endeavours, it is important to understand the concept of legitimacy. Throughout the book, frequent reference is made to “true and legitimate” transformation; these are two crucial concepts which should be woven into any transformation.

Being true to oneself and truthful, are principle values every person, who is serious about how they live their lives and conduct themselves, should possess and live unambiguously – no debate! It is up to each and every individual who embarks on any type of transformation, to clarify this for themselves and be at peace with it. Without it, no one should even consider embarking on a journey transformation – go for dinner, attend a sports match or chill instead!

This brings us to “legitimacy”…

What exactly is this thing called legitimacy? A few different perspectives on the meaning of legitimacy will clarify it to a large extent; let’s take a look.

In political science, legitimacy is the right and acceptance of an authority, usually a governing law or a régime.

In moral philosophy, the term "legitimacy" is often positively interpreted as the normative status conferred by a governed people upon their governors' institutions, offices, and actions, based upon the belief that their government's actions are appropriate uses of power by a legally constituted government.

Legitimacy is "a value whereby something or someone is recognized and accepted as right and proper".

Another perspective is to look at what legitimate means:

Being exactly as purposed: neither spurious nor false "a legitimate grievance", "a legitimate practitioner."

Taking all of the above and one’s own context into account, the core of the matter is that your desire or decision to transform must be what you want! It must not be for the sake of a company, job, spouse, children, financial gain, spiritual elevation or any other external reason. You must want to because it is what you desire, what you need, by not transforming you much feel anxious. I think you get the point.

True personal transformation can only work, when it comes from within!

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