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Oh Please, Give me a Break!

You should sit in meditation for twenty minutes a day. Unless you are too busy... then you should sit for an hour. – Zen saying

Be sure to take a break today and do anything except work on your transformation.

Do breathing exercises.

Take a long walk.

Spend some me-time!

Apply “proper” selfishness.

By taking the time to take a break you will be able to shift your focus to sources of positivity and gratitude.

The best way to get into this state of positivity is by asking yourself a few questions that will help you focus.

Close your eyes and reflect on some great moments from your past and think back to what made them great.

What were your attitude and actions that made that moment special?

Who was there with you sharing that special moment?

How did you feel at that time?

How are you feeling right now? Take a moment to feel that positive warm feeling of gratitude inside you right now.

Do this every day for half an hour when you take a break until it becomes a daily ritual.

And like the Zen saying goes... if you are too busy to take half an hour, you should take an hour break to refocus and recharge.

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