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Just Checking In: Are You Still OK?

Any change and any transformation we experience does not happen in isolation. And those around us do not remain unaffected by the change.

So if you assume the reverse also to be true, then your immediate environment plays a significant role in the journey of your transformation.

With the world firmly in a state of perpetual change and transformation – albeit very slow-before COVID-19! – you have no other option but to do a reality check with your places of work and download some of the dynamics into your own life.

So what are we saying?

It will be a good idea to be aware of the changes taking at place at work and to find a way of becoming involved in this transformation.

It will make your transformation so much more valuable and sustainable.

True workplace transformation is required if people like you and I are to survive in a competitive and volatile global village. It is lamentable that some heads of department, like managing directors and chief executive officers, have not yet realized the necessity for transformation.

You can start by making sure the work you do today is meaningful, have an honest dialogue with your colleagues about things you can improve, and be thoughtful of the language you use by putting your mind in a positive place.

These small steps will take you a long way.

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