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Is Your GPS Working?

By now so much must have transpired in your mind. And possibly so much more must have happened in some of your behaviours and actions.

To ensure you keep track of all these happenings, today I want you to draw your own roadmap. This roadmap is a place where you can attach some fun notes, pictures, or harsh reminders to yourself.

Instead of a dull calendar, table, or spreadsheet, a roadmap speaks to your brain much better because we naturally think in vivid images, especially detailed colourful pictures.

Maybe you enjoy shopping centre lists, or walks in nature, or helping people…so why not draw a road map which has those appealing milestones and create your very own transformation GPS?

Use those colours from Day 5 so that you track your feelings and frame of mind during the process.

Remember, your goal is to progress on this journey to reach Day 28 which is the day your body, mind and soul should be well in tune with this great transformation, with some good progress made.

Keep in mind it takes about 28 days to unlearn old habits, acquire new behaviour, and turn your new behaviour into a habit.

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