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Can You Reach Out to a Colleague?

Of course, you can!

May you reach out to a colleague?

Of course, you can!

Do you actually reach out?

Now that is a different matter altogether...

We are so often too busy with ourselves to stop, listen, and think about a colleague, any colleague who may also be going through some challenges of their own.

Wes Adamson tells us...

“The simple gift of giving becomes an elaborate rich aftertaste of a natural blissful feeling, lingering endlessly in my lifetime.”

And if we can give of our time, presence, and attention, we are giving of our most precious asset to someone, like a colleague, in need, the grand opportunity of feeling that they are not alone.

As a crucial part of your own transformation to a better you, reach out to someone and start a simple and genuine conversation using "How?"

Here are some prompts to get you moving:

"Hi Alex, how are you dealing with this difficult period we are in?"

"Hi Mandy, we have not been in contact recently and I would like to just find out how you are feeling working from home?

"Hi Bruce, what is keeping you so busy - you have been awfully quiet...?"

Engage your mind, pick up the phone, reach out and I guarantee you will feel fantastic!

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