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Bring in "The Simplifier"

With data all around us, one cannot help but feeling overwhelmed and overcome by a sense of drifting. This is quite normal. The average adult is faced with so many different situations, questions, concerns and just ‘stuff’, that staying focused on any particular one is really, really difficult. A practical and great concept to embrace and make one’s own is to simplify.

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, simplify means the following:

a) to make simple or simpler:

b) to reduce to basic essentials

c) to diminish in scope or complexity : streamline <was urged to simplify management procedures>

d) to make more intelligible : clarify

You are now ready for the next step to simplify your life by taking a look at how people communicate. For this purpose, The Simplifier Sentence Guide® is a handy and powerful tool to use.

To demonstrate the power of this tool in simplifying your life, read the following paragraph and then answer the 3 questions below:

“Your father is making a map of the world, the boy’s mother had told him – the countries he has saved, those yet to save, the unredeemable. It’s funny how some countries don’t exist because you don’t think of them, the boy thought. He hadn’t really thought of India before a month ago, when his mother suggested they travel east to find his father. Now here he was, in a shabby guest house on the edge of the Thar Desert, at a little round breakfast table being explored by flies. Alone, except for the woozy, heat-drugged flies and a waiter swishing around in a dirty white dhoti, straightening tablecloths, ignoring him. Voices drifted through the small window carved from cool stone walls, strange children’s voices and earthy smells he didn’t want to name. His mother was upstairs still sleeping, and he was desperate for her to wake up. They had taken the train five days ago from Delhi to Jaipur, the gateway to Rajasthan – land of the rajas, the ancient kings. It slid off your tongue: RA-JAS-THAN. A magical landscape, full of palaces and forts, royal tombs, temples and people in bright traditional dress, like fruit drops.”

(Extract from Garden of Dreams by Melissa Sibert, Penguin Books)

Question 1: Who is the mother speaking to? Write down one word.

Question 2: What is the boy thinking about? Write one sentence of approximately 7-8 words

Question 3: Summarize the paragraph in one sentence of 7-8 words.

Once you have completed this exercise, take one of your most precious transformational experiences and ask yourself the 3 questions adapted to your situation:

Question 1: Who are you speaking to? Write down one word.

Question 2: What are you thinking about? Write one sentence of approximately 7-8 words

Question 3: So what does question 2 mean to you and/or others?

Well done Sparky! You have now taken the first step in simplifying your life by starting with your transformation project’s outputs. Practice, practice, practice!

Resources: Photo by Nine Köpfer on Unsplash

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