Blake Wickam.jpeg

Blake Wickham,
Wickham & Associates Labour Consultants

I have known Leon Steyn for over 18 years, both professionally and socially. He is a man with utmost integrity and is very principled. He has overcome personal adversity with courage and conviction and turned it into an inspiration for others to follow. He is an example to all and has an exceptional leadership style. I am proud to call him my friend.

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Charles Cotter, PhD

I have known and associated with Leon Steyn for a number of years. Despite having an impeccable, career track-record and pedigree as an HRM Professional and HRM Executive, one of Leon's admirable leadership and personal qualities, is his humility. He is a sincere, authentic and exemplary business leader and a respected, influential and reputable HRM thought leader. Leon actively demonstrates abundance and growth mindsets. He is a proud son and ambassador of the S.A HRM professional community. It has been a professional privilege for me to associate with someone of Leon's calibre and character. I would strongly recommend Leon as a mentor, writer, coach, trainer and/or consultant. within his area of subject matter expertise. 

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Faizel Essack

I was attending an NLP course in 2017 on a cruise ship departing from Durban. I live about 10 hours away from Durban so I had to leave the day before and book overnight stay in a hotel in Durban. I must say it was a lonely trip filled with a lot of anxiety as I was traveling alone, it was my first time on a cruise ship, it was my first course that I was attending and not knowing what to expect. That night all the attendees met for supper and that's when I met Leon Steyn. He was friendly, warm, open-hearted and very receptive to mixing with all cultures. 
His openness removed the anxiety I was feeling. We spent 5 days on course together and have been in contact ever since. I found Leon to be a man with a lot of integrity, honesty, loyalty, knowledge, and selflessness. Leon has become a dear friend and a mentor through my journey as a Transformation Coach.
He has invaluable knowledge and experience in facilitating and when he shared his journey and experiences in doing what he loves doing best, it encouraged and inspired me to carry on seeking knowledge and pursuing my career as a Transformation Coach.
He has become an invaluable part of my life's journey. Thank you Leon

Fahmeeda Khan

Leon’s coaching is effective and enjoyable, outcomes based and truly transformative.

I recommend Leon for any training!

Charmaine Pretorius

Leon Steyn has been a colleague and wonderful friend of mine, since we met around 2005 - both working for Prestige Cleaning Services (now Bidvest Prestige Group)  As my colleague, Leon was a very genuine, honest and kind person l had the pleasure of working within the HR / Training Dept - he was extremely professional,  and also had a great sense of humour and sharp wit about him - l enjoyed that characteristic and we have always got along very well.  As a friend, Leon has been a confidant, advisor and moral supporter to me - l'm so grateful for that...!  I have the utmost respect for Leon, and it is such a pleasure to know him - a real gem of a friend 👍

Wynand Goosen.jpeg

Dr Wynand Goosen, CEO

 Infomage Rims, SQDC, Shelfline Group

Mr. Steyn has been known to me for many years, in South Africa. Since the early days of the Sector Education & Training Authorities, Leon has been a driver and promoter of skills development. His ability to think strategically always complimented a clarity of thought that enabled us to reach great achievements in uncertain times and uncharted territories. As a driver of skills development Leon also had incredible success for his employer. His contribution to the development of the business is rivalled only by his impact on a national, socio economic level. Leon was a country resource for South African skills development. As a facilitator in Management & Strategic development, Leon has the ability to stimulate thinking and disrupt stagnant practice. His incredible sense of humour is always well timed in the classroom and enables a flexible but productive atmosphere for learning. His sessions always demonstrate how theory is applied, within the wealth of his experience. Leon Steyn is a top performer. 

John van Deventer.jpeg

John van Deventer

I have known Leon Steyn both in both professional and personal relationships for a number of years, and in both Leon has proven to be someone that I have always been proud to be associated with.
Leon’s keen sense of humour and sharp wit enables him to approach any task or challenge with great positivity and he is able to let this flow onto those that he comes in contact with. Leon’s management style is progressive as well as inclusive, with a genuine interest in the wellbeing and success of the people he comes into contact with. Leon is also able to convey messages and teaching material across to a wide spectrum of people through his ability to train and upskill persons in a way that makes them feel valued and appreciated.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Leon Steyn to any individual or business as he is definitely someone that will add value to any interaction.


Pieter Van der Westhuizen, CEO

I am delighted to write this letter of recommendation for Leon Steyn. I have known and work with Leon for many years during my career in the cleaning industry. Most recently Leon has provided Leadership Development Training to my staff at Afriboom Cleaning Services and based on his work, I would rank him as one of the best training consultants we ever had. His communication and people skills are excellent and he has some very innovative ideas. Leon seriously has a passion for people and always impressed everyone around him with his knowledge and experience. If I can be of any further assistance, or provide you with any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Ramona Jason.jpeg

Ramona Jason, Divisional Manager

A wise man once told me, Ramona if you do not have a work life balance then you have a problem. I have had the honour and privilege of having Leon Steyn as a colleague, mentor and friend. He has been instrumental in my personal growth within the cleaning industry, he motivated, empowered and most importantly had faith in me when i didnt have in myself. He taught me that in order to achieve something in life you must want it and work for it, goals only become reality once you write them down and set realistic deadlines. I cannot thank him enough for his ongoing support and encouragement as I would not have achieved what i have today if it were not for him. Thank you Leon, you are a true leader, friend, motivator and an inspiration to all who have crossed your path.

Saied Said, 

I took over a printing company in Germany over 2 years ago and had the pleasure of meeting Leon Steyn. He has been giving me advice throughout various stages of the business, which helped me channel my mental energy in the right direction. His business and coaching skills are superb and his subtle style of teaching is very effective. 

Sooraya Ebrahim.jpeg

Sooraya Ebrahim

"To be like the rock that the waves keep crashing over. It stands unmoved and the raging of the sea still falls around it." -  Marcus Aurelius.


This qoute summarises this gigantic soul named Mr Leon Ernest Steyn so precisely.

A stoic, yet charismatic personality.  He imbues many powerful traits that supersede his demure external expression of himself. 

This being has fought many battles,yet has the courage and sensitiveness to show compassion,kindness and love to all the souls he touches so endearingly. Leon is a product of his product.

He isn't just a handsome face. Beneath that thick covert unnerving moustache lies an individual with magnificent talents, competencies and capabilities. 

Leon's sterling ethical qualities allow him to display these tenets in his personal and professional life so eloquently.

A prolific writer, facilitator,coach and a friend for life.  Leon's a guardian angel to many especially to me. He is my 'Oom' and his life's experiences have embedded his true wisdom and golden nuggets that he shares with the world.

His  evolving transformation is a competitive advantage as he is able to effortlessly influence others into  becoming the best version of themselves.

Leon I salute you, as you are an asset and a true ambassador of authenticity to the world at large 

He is a man of pristine calibre and a warrior of the highest degree in all aspects of his individuality.  It's a privilege to honour him and  recommend this startling man with five stars.

A man who pursues excellence at every juncture and understands the essence of true steward leadership.

Blessed and grateful knowing a pure and joyful soul like Leon.

Ian McGaughey, Executive Officer

Leon, we first met in 2007 during our Post Grad at UCT GSB and remained friends from then. Without your guidance, mentorship and leadership my Post Grad Certificate would not be hanging on the wall of my office. Your diligence, attention to detail and management experience has helped me through some difficult times over the last 13 years trying to get my company of the ground. Your loyalty and friendship is deeply appreciated including when you came down from Frankfurt to Munich because you heard I’d be in town. I wish you all the best in your future endeavor’s and anyone who is taken under your wing cant fail to achieve much greater heights. Good luck my friend.